What We Do

We make positive change happen!

We deliver Strategy & Operations consulting services that solve problems and help our clients meet their most pressing business needs. We improve operational performance by implementing breakthrough strategies that transform organizations by implementing new processes and technologies, by mitigating risks, and by helping to improve difficult client relationships.

We deliver proven Project Management expertise services that help our clients successfully deliver on their most critical information technology projects or business transformation programs. Our program and projects management experts deliver on time and on budget which allows your team to stay focused on the big picture. We bring industrialized methodologies, processes and tools, and infuse them with flexibility to adapt to the needs of each project.

We deliver award winning Training Services with a key focus on innovative & flexible real world training solutions that produce a virtuous cycle of improvement that continues long after our initial engagement has ended. Our courses & workshops are designed to unleash the potential of each student, and will enable individuals to develop key skills and competencies that optimize their performance.

We deliver Human Performance consulting services that help our clients evaluate, plan, and successfully implement strategic performance improvement processes & initiatives, knowledge capture & knowledge management services, and organizational transformation. We understand what it takes to create successful teams, and how to implement positive change management throughout an organizational.

We believe that our clients deserve to have trusted partners who are unbiased and who are focused on their long term success, and we work to infuse ourselves into our client’s organizations as team members to design and deploy strategic initiatives. We begin with the end goals in mind, working with our clients in ensure that strategic goals are achieved. We have generated millions of dollars in value for our clients by solving their most complex business challenges.

We do all of this by utilizing a team of experienced executives, mentors, coaches, and consultants with proven management consulting and training experience, including members who have led global projects and who have developed the successful management & training methodologies used by the leading consulting firms. We have incorporated these skills and our proven experience into the core DNA of Novus Origo.

So what do we do? Simply stated… we solve challenges by designing innovative strategies, delivering integrated management solutions, implementing new processes & technologies, and by providing organizational transformation and award winning training solutions.

It’s worth a 10 minute call to see how Novus Origo can save you time and money? If we can’t help you find a solution that will solve your problem, we’ll help find someone that can!

Examples of Services

Knowledge Capture & Management Strategic Solution Knowledge Management Initiatives & Solutions Identify-Capture-Manage-Improve-Automate


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - V.E.T.S. Program Strategic Solution