Message from the CEO

Welcome to Novus Origo and thank you for your interest in our company.

Novus Origo is a leader in the next generation of hybrid consulting firms, dedicated to the success of our clients by designing innovative strategies, delivering integrated project management, implementing new technologies & processes, and providing organizational change management & training solutions which result in improved performance.

In developing our proven Novus Origo Service Delivery Methodologies, we listened to CEO’s, industry leaders, government agencies, and operational managers, who expressed frustrations with the level of quality and range of services provided by the “traditional” consulting firms, including concerns around the challenges of their day-to-day operations and what they felt they needed to achieve business success.

The challenges that were shared by these individuals were similar in scope:

  • “Missing key resources that have the skills and experience to deliver critical tasks and projects on time.
  • Lack of scalable cost effective solutions that can be implemented quickly and efficiently.
  • Having to do 110% of the work with 98% of the costs just to so we can stay competitive.
  • Lack of scalable cost effective solutions that can be implemented quickly and efficiently.“
  • Difficulty in implementing change management to assist in aligning our organization with strategic objectives.
  • Our teams need to be trained with the key skills to improve our operational performance.

Based on this feedback, we quickly recognized the requirement to design and build a new brand of management & training services firm that is committed to redefining and revitalizing the way that these needed services are delivered to customers.

Our goal with this new vision for our company is not only to help our clients achieve mission critical objectives, but to also serve as a change agent on how to deliver the highest quality services with defined and measurable results.

How did we accomplish this?  First, we’ve brought together a team of highly experienced executives, mentors, coaches, and consultants with proven management consulting and training experience, including members who have led global projects and who have developed the successful management & training methodologies used by the leading consulting firms.

Secondly, we developed a proven service delivery model utilizes our best practices approach and is designed to support the end-to-end life cycle of each client engagement from the initial analysis phase, during planning and implementation with each phase being scrutinized through ongoing evaluation and risk management. We utilize scalable best practices solutions that achieve improved operational performance and deliver business excellence.

Thirdly, we believe that our clients deserve to have trusted partners who are unbiased and who are focused on the client’s long term success. We work to infuse ourselves into our client’s organizations as team members to design and deploy strategic initiatives.  We begin with the end goals in mind, working with our clients in addressing key questions – – where are they today and what must be accomplished to achieve those goals.

Finally, the Novus Origo client relationship model is extremely straightforward… “Build and maintain practical long term working relationships with our clients, while providing outstanding customer service at a fair price!”

Our teams of professionals have extensive management and consulting experience, including members who have developed the methodologies used by the leading consulting firms and we have incorporated these skills and our proven experience into the core DNA of Novus Origo.

At Novus Origo, we don’t measure a successful project with a leather-bound report, or a PowerPoint deck, instead we measure success from results and by providing outstanding customer service to help clients make their business vision a reality!

Please call us to find out why more and more clients are turning to Novus Origo to help solve problems, to implement strategic solutions, and to deliver organizational transformation.

Thank You,

Paul Cevolani
Chief Executive Officer
Novus Origo, INC.

Novus Origo – Business a New Way!