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Organizational Transformation

Bridging the Gap Between Vision and Execution

Novus Origo delivers a breadth of Organizational Transformation consulting services designed to help our clients evaluate, plan, and successfully implement strategic processes & initiatives that drive high performance and business excellence throughout an organization.

Value Proposition:

Delivering successful improved human performance and organizational transformation is at our core. We understand what it takes to create successful teams, and with decades of experience across all aspects of human performance and organizational development, we are the right team to ensure you attain your strategic goals.

Services Include:

  • Performance Coaching & Mentoring
  • Change Management & Organizational Design
  • Knowledge Capture & Management
  • Operating Model Review / Organizational Transformation
  • Human Resources Operations
  • Communications Planning and Support

Example of Services

Lost Knowledge

The loss of key organizational and operational knowledge in companies due to employees leaving; whether it be due to retirement, the changing of jobs, departing for family issues, or health matters creates a major fundamental problem for most employers…Who’s going to do the job now?

Highly experienced employees have many years or decades of knowledge, which a company typically relies upon. This knowledge is often not formally documented and not accessible to other employees. When these Subject Matter Experts suddenly leave the company  it leaves the employers at a loss in the day-to-day operations of the company.

Are You Aware of Your Risks?

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One Company – Multiple Processes

The operational processes for most companies are not only designed to support a single department, they are interwoven between departments to support the company’s overall mission. More often, than not, the processes in place in one department has a significant impact on the operations of another department.

Novus Origo Key Organizational Processes

A Proven Approach to Capturing Knowledge & Processes

Typical approaches to capturing the critical knowledge that runs an organization are usually not proactive in nature, and for the most part they are primarily reactive and simply rely upon an unstructured method for the collection of minimal operations or processes.

Outdated methodologies, processes, or notes are often placed in a pretty binder in the bottom desk drawer, or tucked away in a old dusty file cabinet. Finding these files when desperately searching for the “how do we do it” usually results in excitement, which is then quickly extinguished when someone speaks up and adds a sense of reality by saying “we’ve never done it that way!”

The Novus Origo approach utilizes a variety of proven methods to interact with an organization’s employees to ensure that we look at an operation or process from different perspectives to identify & capture critical information.

Novus Origo KM Capture Techniques

Novus Origo’s Mission

Our Mission is to work hand-in-hand with our clients as a solutions partner to strategically identify, capture, and implement a dynamic program to manage key organizational knowledge, and to improve the processes required to maintain strategic operations.

At Novus Origo, we know that prioritizing knowledge is based on the key foundation that there is critical knowledge within an organization that needs to be identified, captured, redistributed and improved upon in order to safeguard the successful operations of a company.

Novus Origo Delivers End-to-End KM Solutions We understand that the strategy for a successful Knowledge Management (KM) solution must be based on the goals of the organization. Novus Origo’s skilled knowledge management and training experts will work with you to design a successful initiatives to help mitigate any impacts due to a potential loss of employee, while improving and automating your processes to help reduce operational costs.


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