SeaPort-e Quality Assurance

Novus Origo and its subcontractors (hereinafter, Team Novus Origo) are focused on ensuring that we provide our Navy clients the highest quality deliverables possible.  As a result, we have developed a quality assurance program for the U.S. Navy that is built on proven past performance and focused on delivering optimal results.

To ensure quality is being met, we use a combination of disciplines that include Project Management Institute (PMI) principles, Operational Excellence, Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) best practices, Lean principles, and proven earned value concepts to deliver consistently high-quality solutions and deliverables on-time at the lowest possible cost.  Upon that foundation, we apply proven methodologies for Communications, Change Management, Risk Management, and Quality Management, furthering our ability to mitigate risks and ensuring quick and definitive resolution of issues.

Team Novus Origo continually monitors adherence to client performance requirements through the use of QC inspection and initiating corrective actions and recommendations as necessary.  By identifying and eliminating the root causes of quality deficiencies, we proactively drive continual process improvement by reducing errors over time and ensuring that we are not reactively fixing the same types of errors over and over again.

Initial training, indoctrination and orientation of employees are another tool used to ensure quality.  During our initial hiring and training process for our group of employees we indoctrinate staff to the ways Team Novus Origo handles its business, our processes & methodologies, and daily administrative duties.  We emphasize to our staff the need for recognizing a possible better method to our processes.  Our teams are encouraged to communicate potential problems and to determine solutions, emphasizing a keen ability for risk mitigation.  The result is aimed at moving away from event-driven activities (reactive) to proactively eliminating problems before they occur.

The outputs that result from our methods become integrated and are consistent from one operator to the next, reducing any variability. Once a process is standardized, the probability of creating a standard output on a consistent basis is high and will make troubleshooting any emergent quality issues easier.  The standardized processes are included in the written job task procedures we maintain at each facility.

We formally measure Team Novus Origo’s success in meeting quality goals in two ways.  First, we assess our achievements in exceeding the performance requirements established in the Government’s Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP).  When we exceed a satisfactory performance target, we identify the contributing factors and evaluate ways to apply these techniques in other areas. We incorporate industry standards and best practices, including ISO 9001:2000, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, and Lean processes in order to provide the U.S. Navy the consistent ability to meet and exceed quality and performance standards.  These standards and associated tools are essential to achieving a robust and rigorous Quality Control Plan (QCP).  We implement these methods to reduce operational inefficiencies and non-value added activities in our processes.  Continuous innovations and process improvements will deliver cost-savings and performance enhancements to the U.S. Navy.

The second way we measure Team Novus Origo’s success is by adapting effectively to our customer changes and helping the U.S. Navy meet new and emerging requirements. Team Novus Origo is committed to continually improving and adapting to changing missions.
All of our Team Novus Origo members have been successful at providing high quality services and solutions by being dedicated to quality and service excellence.  We have created and implemented quality assurance guidelines and best practices at all levels.  We provide expert program management services following the tenants and management control principles outlined by the “Best of the Best” processes including those taught at Project Management Institute and the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification process.  Team Novus Origo is committed to helping the U.S. Navy continuously improve and adapt to face and overcome new opportunities.

In order to drive quality throughout the project, our project leadership always strives to:

  • Balance timeliness of delivery with completeness of tasks
  • Assess the impact on the project life cycle
  • Adheres to Team Novus Origo methodologies as well as work within our customer’s framework to achieve the desired results
  • Use appropriate resources with proper budgets to achieve the quality standards

We believe this approach allows us to deliver the highest quality work at the lowest cost to our Navy customers.