Strengthening organizations by providing award winning innovative training solutions that result in performance improvement.

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Training Solutions

Award Winning Training Solutions That Drive Organizational Success

Novus Origo has received international recognition and top honors for delivering the highest standards of excellence in training design, development, and deployment.

Novus Origo strengthens each organization’s capabilities by providing innovative training solutions that result in performance improvement.  Our training teams unleash the full potential and productivity of professionals through real world practical exercises and effective training courses; customized professional development programs; remote learning through state of the art technologies; performance improvement consulting services and interactive assessment programs.

Value Proposition:

Our “Award Winning” training solutions are flexible enough to meet the most unique client needs, and designed with scalability in mind to enable seamless enterprise-wide deployment.

In addition, our vast library of off-the-shelf courses enables rapid training delivery across many disciplines and delivery platforms.

Our Training Services Include:

  • Enterprise Training Initiatives
  • Customized Training Solutions
  • Web-based and Instructor led Training
  • LMS Implementation
  • Off-the-Shelf Courses (100+)
  • Curriculum / Course Development

Training Courses Designed to Improve Performance

Novus Origo’s instructional courses are highly interactive and utilize a multitude of methods to deliver a successful learning program, such as; Web-based applications, remote learning, digital media, PowerPoint, case studies, small / large group discussion formats, action learning, supportive application exercises, along with challenging questions and interactions that incorporates and leverages “real work” experiences.

Our training classes can be delivered via Platform Based Training, Instructor Led Web Presentations, and through On-Line Self-Paced instruction.

Please click on the following link for a detailed list of Novus Origo’s Training courses and associated pricing

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Hands-on, Real-world Training from a Team You Can Trust

Our dynamic training teams consist of the industry’s top managers, instructors, and facilitators, with a focus on consistent and competent training solutions that produce measurable results. We couple that expertise with a dedication to training that creates a virtuous cycle of improvement that continues long after our engagement has ended.

This broad experience mitigates the risk of utilizing a “standardized” approach to a variety of training challenges. We understand that each training project will have its own unique requirements; we know that we will successfully meet any requirement given to us based on our proven concepts.

Reflecting our unwavering commitment to the best possible outcomes, we employ industry-leading adult learning principles throughout our course development, design, and instruction.

Our development team members hold Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Instructional Design or Organizational Transformation, and have many years of experience in the application of adult learning.

Through the use of individual standalone training, hands-on interaction, and group exercises, we engage the learner in a process of self-directed inquiry.