VETS – Beyond the Uniform

Providing veterans with critical support for successful careers in the civilian workforce.









Veterans leave the military with a strong set of acquired leadership, management, and occupational skills. These skills that supported veterans during their military careers are top notch and employers want this talent in their workforce.














Transition support services do an excellent job preparing veterans to “find” civilian jobs by:

  • Assisting them in translating their military service & skills into resumes that represent tangible civilian skills.
  • Helping them to learn how to network.
  • Helping to strengthen their interview skills.
  • How to search for employment opportunities.

However…If the mission of the Transition Support Organization is to simply find a veteran a “job”,  then they are meeting their goals.

At Novus Origo we believe that the real goal shouldn’t be to simply get veterans a “job”, it should be to provide veterans with the additional skills needed to support their effective integration into the civilian workforce and the facilitation of a successful transformation into a new career.

The rate of first year turnover among American veterans entering the civilian workforce is alarming at over 45%.  Hiring veterans has become easy, but getting them to stay beyond the first year of employment has been quite a challenge.

The loss of talent severely impacts the hiring company’s operations, as well as the self-confidence of the veteran.  Unemployment costs are another negative impact when these veterans become unemployed

High Veteran “Post Service” Job Turnover



















Solution – Veterans Helping Veterans













Our Veterans Educational Transformation Solutions program, “VETS”, offers over 200 workshops that are designed to build upon and enhance the veteran’s core military skills, while also mentoring them on how to succeed in a civilian career.

Novus Origo’s award winning training & transformation solutions provide veterans with valuable soft skills, while also supporting a successful career transition from the military service to the civilian workforce.












Critical Steps for a Successful Transformation












Implementing Successful Veterans Programs for Employers

Team Novus Origo also works with employers to build successful long term veterans hiring & retention programs.














For more information please download our VETS Program Presentation and Video using the links below:


Novus Origo Veterans Educational Transformation Solutions (VETS)