VETS – Beyond the Uniform

Novus Origo is a proud sponsor of the VETS – Beyond The Uniform Program


Delivering Critical Skills for Success in the Civilian Workforce

A coaching & mentoring program designed for veterans & employers by veterans

The VETS – Beyond the Uniform program has been developed by military veterans with the specific goals of helping veterans make a successful journey from the military into the civilian workforce, and to also help employers that hire veterans become “veteran ready”.  

VETS – Beyond The Uniform provides FREE mentoring & training services to veterans to help enhance their core military skills into the skills needed for success in the civilian workforce!

Not Your Standard Transition Program!

There are 100’s of transition programs available to transitioning military veterans.  There are so many, that it sometimes gets confusing trying to identify the differences and benefits of each one.

So VETS – Beyond The Uniform made a strategic decision to NOT offer the same “cookie cutter” services as the other transition programs offer.  

VETS – Beyond the Uniform’s mission is to build upon the veteran’s military skills and the skills taught by military transition programs.  Our goal is to improve the veteran’s chances for successful long term careers by providing veterans with one-on-one coaching & mentoring, and access to workshops & online training that cover over 200 skills-sets used in the civilian workforce.

The VETS – Beyond The Uniform program is designed to work as a stand-alone veteran’s mentoring program, or as a support program for existing military transition programs.

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